Nanganallur Anjaneyar Kovil – Towards Divinity

Nanganallur-anjaneyar Kovil

Nanganallur Anjaneyar Kovil – Towards Divinity

Towards divinity

Whoever the disciple of hanuman in and around the city will definitely know Nanganallur Shri Bhaktha anjaneya swamy temple.   People who visited once wish to visit the shrine again and again, it’s the magic of shri bhaktha anjaneya .   Nangainallur a suburban which is located nearby Chennai International Airport where the shrine was erected.   “Nangai-Nallur” in which Nangai refers to woman who has valuable qualities and Nallur refers to resident place i.e  The place has all the valuable qualities similar to a woman which is resident of shri Mahalakshmi.

 One more gem added to the promising town of Nangainallur is Shri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple.  The shrine was constructed  before two decades  and  playing a significant role in the spiritual world. The principal idol of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneya  is about 32 feet single rock and  considered as one of the largest and tallest of its kind.

Nanganallur-anjaneyar Kovil

The reason behind mounting this much huge idols of god is to express the truth that  nature is huge and all are small and equal before it.   While entering into the temple Ganesha invites you to get showered by his grace and after that shri Janaki Ramar resides with seethe and lakshman in a separate sannidhi moving forward the huge anjaneya welcomes you with peace.

Before principal idol there is “Aganda dheepam” where people can add ghee to get god’s grace.  According to vedas adding ghee to aganda deepam will add fortune.  Lord Krishna resides with bama and rukmini in a separate sannidhi.   And prasadam issued in the temple  is for famous for its taste and holiness.  The temple comprises separate kitchen to cook those prasadams which was maintained with care to ensure quality and divinity of prasadams.   No prasadams are issued to disciples without offering it to the god anjaneya.   The temple has vast mandapam where the disciples are encouraged to meditate and separate place is arranged for group of peoples who can do bhajans and other religious and spiritual occasions.   It is a perfect place for those who searching a space for meditations and to organize bhajans.

“Nangai-Nallur” in which Nangai refers to woman who has valuable qualities and Nallur refers to resident place

The resident women used to undergo veda paryanam in auspicious days.  And a special thing about Nanganallur anjaneyar temple is that “rakshbandan”, People are asked to tie those rakshabandans with making wishes.  Sugumar  a resident of Nanganallur says that  “I have been visiting the temple for the past 6 years, Bhaktha Anjaneya swamy  endowing me  a prosperous life and also showing his grace to my family”  It is belived that the wish will be fulfilled by anjaneya within a month.  Visit Nangainallur shri Bhaktha Anjaneya temple and get showered by the grace of god.


Timing :-  Morning 5.30am-12pm


Bus Route :- M18c , B51, 51P

Nearest Railway station –St. Thomas Mt. Railwaystation