Thani Oruvan Best Review Ever

Thani oruvan-Best Review Ever

Thani oruvan

The movie starts with the quote “Tell me about your friend, I will tell you about your character. Tell me about your enemy, I will tell you about your capacity”. Yes, I’m speaking about the movie Thani Oruvan.A thriller drama directed by Jayam Raja, who has given a wonderful box office hits in his career and also known for his remakes. Jayam Ravi, hero of the movie played an IPS officer role, done an extra ordinary job and proved his talent again. A new story board with uncommon twist and turns made it a great success.

Thani oruvan-Best Review Ever

The director concentrated more on the script and worked on it, which is not common among present directors who show more interest for an item number, fight sequence and a comedy track, which is not relevant to film. Subha, a twin writers says “Director Raja denoted as Remake Raja since he has done only remake films, now also called as so because his movie thani oruvan is going to be remade in all languages.” Female lead is done by Nayantara, who has done her part well. While heroines are used only for songs and romance in recent movies, in thani oruvan Nayantara is used in salubrious manner which must be encouraged. Next coming to the villain, “Siddharth Abimanyu” an unseen villain for the past 60 year old cinema. Aravind Swamy who was known as chocolate boy of kollywood in late 90s has perfectly fit in to the character of Siddharth. An outstanding character setting and tremendous acting of Aravind Swamy added value to the movie. Cinematographer of the movie Ramji says “the last movie shot in film camera, gave me an enjoyable experience.” The cinematography of Ramji made the audience get into the movie and enjoy it thoroughly. Last but not least the music director of the film, HiphopTamizha did a notable work in his career. Songs came well and became a huge hit among the youngsters. No songs are misplaced or irrelevant to the movie and background score played a vital role. If you are a person interested in watching a movie with excellent story board and to see good acting, it’s a perfect movie for you. An excellent and exceptional movie in recent times. Enjoy the movie!

By Sukumaran Sankar