Traditional Chennai food Benefits


Food plays an important role in the culture and heritage of a country. It  gives us an insight to the lifestyle and nature of people. For instance, Let’s take the traditional dishes and cooking practices of Tamilnadu, there has been a drastic change in the food habits  of the  people from the ancient times to the modern day and yet,  the traditional cooking practices and dishes are said to be the most healthy when compared to any food styles of the world. Very recently it was found out that Idly sambar is the best breakfast by an American research. It is a very well known fact that every ingredients we use in our cooking has a medicinal value. when compared to us Our ancestors had a long and healthy life  as they followed the traditional food culture. The Mustard that we use in tempering increases the digestion capacity and using pepper in our diet is every effective in controlling cold and is anti poisonous in nature. The Fast Food culture that is currently trending  leads to lot of health problems such as obesity, cancer etc. This also causes increased risk of heart attack but a positive sign is that the people are switching back to our ancient  foods such as Millets and Greens.Traditional-food-chennai

The Curry Leaves that we use in tempering have excellent hair growth properties and the Turmeric powder that we us in cooking is an  Antiseptic and also has blood clotting properties. The Cumin seeds we use have good digestion power.

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A traditional platter of our meal is said to give us a balanced diet, providing the essential nutrients  in the quantity that is exactly needed for us (not less no more). This is absent in  other food culture as they mainly focus on particular type of problem or fat. Our diet not only stress on health alone, but also both non vegetarian  and vegetarian dishes of our tradition are very popular in rough out the country they also provide us which lots of energy  and strength to don hard physical work. It is therefore high time we realize the value of our traditional foods as advanced by our ancestors  such as Thiruvalluvar and Thirumoolar  to lead a happy and long life.