Spicy and Yummy Vathakuzhambu

Spicy and Yummy Vathakuzhambu

Spicy and Yummy Vathakuzhambu:

Vathakuzhambu is one of my most favorite recipe. No one can do tasty yummier Vathakuzhambu other than Brahmins. Well I have not seen others doing this so good. It is a very simple and an easy recipe. The magic behind the Brahmins Vathakuzhambu is the sambar powder they make. I will tell you how to make the sambar powder and also how to make the recipe using it.

Spicy and Yummy Vathakuzhambu


Ingredients for Sambar powder:
Dry red chilies – 250gms

Coriander seeds – 250gms

Rice – 100gms

Toor dal – 100gms

Chana dal – 100gms

Fenu Greek – 25gms

Turmeric – 50gms

Roast all the above mentioned items in a pan with little amount of oil. Grind it in to a mixture and keep it in a tightly closed jar. You can use this mixture whenever it is needed.

Spicy and Yummy Vathakuzhambu:

Ingredients needed for recipe:

Mustard – 1spoon

Fenu Greek – 1spoon

Asafetida – ½spoon

Onion – 1cup (Finely chopped)

Garlic – 10nos (Finely chopped)

Sambar powder – 2 spoons

Tamarind – size of lemon

Red chili – 2nos

Salt and oil – limited to taste

Pour some gingili oil in a pan and add mustard and fenu greek. Roast it to golden brown and add onion and garlic with it. Put the asafetida powder and mix it well. Add some pinch of turmeric powder and 2 spoons of sambar powder.  Squeeze the tamarind with 2 tumblers of water thoroughly and add it to the mixture. Add some salt and allow it to boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Add 2 spoons of gingili oil and curry leaves at the last. Now, the tasty yummy Vatha kuzhambu is ready. You can also add Sundaikai instead of onion and garlic to make sundaikai Vatha kuzhambu.