Respect to our Honorable Farmers-National Farmers Day in India

Respect to our Honorable Farmers-National Farmers Day in India

Respect to our Honorable Farmers-National Farmers Day in India 

In India National Farmers Day Celebrated on 23rd of December.In This farmers day we  Thank them  for their contributions to our economy.

The Tamilnadu is affect by flood.. the backbone of TamilNadu is agriculture even India also.The most of the urban peoples are middle class they are all know how to Handle this situation they can but in rural most of the peoples are farmers their entire crops are wiped due to flood how they survive what source they are all have? how difficult it is? think about this peoples without farmers nothing we can do.we need to help these farmers in education and economical way.Give Respect For our farmers

The best way for you to show respect to farmers is to teach your kids how difficult it is to produce food and not waste it

In our past farmers gave important to inorganic farming method they loss her soil quality but now they realize the organic farming importance its good for health and soil slowly organic farming method growing in India

Nice Documentary to learn all about Organic Farming.

This is the Success Story of organic Farming  in Tamil Nadu, India