Sagayam IAS – The Next CM

Sagayam IAS -Next CM

Sagayam IAS – The Next CM 

The Peoples already started the campaign for Sagayam IAS.. The youngsters Opened their eyes now they know who is suitable person for this Tamil Nadu.  Recenty in Chennai Egmore the youngsters Started the campaign  for sagayam  to change a Tamil nadu politics. Please support for these youngsters .This Is the time to change

Why we need to support sagayam sir

We Need change for Tamil Nadu . Now the peoples realized how the politics is important for us .. In past we support for two parties. This two parties ruled our tamil nadu but no use. This parties ruled by corruptions, this parties ruled by  money and her false statements.This is our chance to change.This is our only chance to make Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam 2020 dreams to get success 2016-2020, If we loss this we cannot get anything until 5050. so please think and bring I.A.S Sagayam sir for this election.

This is Whats App Viral Video .. Qualities of Sagayam IAS Sir 

Backbone of Tamil Nadu Sagayam IAS Speech.. What he want from people