Tamil Nationalists His Burning Indian National Flag


‘Traitor’ Dileepan Magendran  had posted in Facebook before burning our ‘Indian Flag’ that tomorrow (26th January 2016) he want to see how many Tamil Nationalists will Burn Indian National Flag, But Anyhow Going to Burn it and will post the pic on FB.

Another point to be noted is that he is the big supporter of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Where is Chennai Police? What Tamil Nadu Govt. is doing? What Jayalalitha is doing? He is still active in Facebook, spreading venom against BJP & India

Check Tamil Nationalists  ‘Traitor’ Dileepan Magendran Facebook ID,.. He his Posting Rude Things to insult our Indian Nationality

Facebook id : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009414869577


See Some of the Updates That He Posted rude things on Facebook


Tamil Nationalists His Burning Indian National Flag
  • Cholan

    Well done freinds – wonderful to see tamils as tamils.

    Vazhga Thamilagam, Vazhga Thamilagam, Valzhliya Vazhliya Vazhliyavea
    Vanam Anatilum nan manam veesi valngondu Vazhliyavea

    Ezhkadal meethilum ezhilkondu veetru inbudan vazhliyavea,
    Engal thamilagam, engal thamizhagam, endrendum vazhliyavea.

    Hiphip hooray, hiphip hooray, hiphip hooooraaay!

  • Rajan

    I really support my fellow tamil Dillepan Mahendra…..Tamil Vazhga..