Chennai Kapaleeswara Temple History and Timings to Visit

Chennai Kapaleeswara Temple History and Timings to Visit

The peaceful Kapaleeswarar Temple of Chennai is believed to be one of the oldest and most revered holy places of the city. The shrine of Lord Shiva, Kapaleeswarar temple is situated in Mylapore, a suburb of Chennai. The temple is an emblem of Dravidian style of architecture with giant gopuram (tower). The temple has two entrances.

Its fragmentary inscriptions exist since 1250 AD, though the architecture and structure of the temple is more related with the culture that prevailed in 16th century, when Vijay Nagar kings refurbished it. As per the tradition, Goddess Karpagambal is offered a garland made of gold coins named kaasu maala on the ritual of Friday worship.

Chennai Kapaleeswarar Temple History

Mother Uma wanted to know the full meaning of the five lettered Mantra – Na Ma Shi Va Ya – and the glory of the sacred ash.  She begged Lord Shiva to teach Her on these topics.  While Lord was teaching Her, Mother Uma was attracted by the beauty of a peacock dancing before Her.  Lord, for Her inattention, cursed Her to become a peacock.  For relief from the curse, He advised Her to go to Earth and perform penance on Him.  Mother Uma worshipped the Shivalinga under the Punnai tree in this place.  Moved by Her penance, Lord appeared before Her and and confirmed Her release from the curse and named Her Karpagavalli.  As requested by Mother Karpagavalli, Lord approved the name of the place Mayilai-now Mylapore.

Miracle Based: Lord Shiva in the temple is Swayambumurthi.

There is a large tank on the western side of the temple. Bramhamotsvam or ‘Arupathumoovar’ Festival during April May and , Theppa Thiruviza Float Festival in January, Navaratri Festival in September /October and Vasanta Utsavam in May/June are major attractions.

Pooja Timing of The Kapaleeswara Kovil 

Daily Poojas at Temple

Darshan Timings :

Morning – Darshan is from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Evening – 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Details Of Pooja Timing


Pooja Details



Ko pooja

05.30 A.M


Vaikarai Pooja

06.00 A.M


Kaala sandhi Pooja

08.00 A.M


Uchi Kaala Pooja

12.00 P.M


Evening Pooja

5.00 P.M


Kaala Pooja(2)

6.30 P.M


Ardhajama Pooja

09.00 P.M