Chennai- The Dust City


Chennai- The Dust City

At Early morning we are struggling to drive a vehicle on Chennai roads because of fog, but now  anytime if you drive a vehicles on Chennai roads  peoples vehicle surrounded and caught by dust. some roads in Chennai are good but now most of the roads are surrounded by dust .people are affected by eye irritation and poor visibility because of dust.

Rajesh Kumar From Chennai says that

Chennai- The Dust City

This is what happens to my bike every single day at KK Nagar. Dust rises to a height of 10 to 15 ft and settles down. Imagine your kid breathing this air… I am sure that the level of respirable suspended particulate matter far exceeds the permissible limit. We are sure to get asthma and all sorts of respiratory problems(its been a long time.. we will soon meet over a coffee at the hospital canteen buddies).The Corporation of Chennai & Pollution control board; Do u think will they even consider to respect our right to clean air? #‎RightToBreathe‬ #‎RightToCleanAir‬

Why Dust forms on roads

The dust form because of vehicle exhaust and industrial waste its may make up of air pollution .If Road is not having any path-hole means dust will be control. The many roads in Chennai is not in good condition..Though Governments  paves roads, , In next day the path-hole is on that  road how?? bad condition of roads or Bad quality of roads  materials or Bad quality  of politics..!!. Peoples know these all are reasons.

Precaution to follow during road dust 

  • Wear Helmet
  • Wear Sun Glasses
  • Wear Face Mask