Famous Beaches In Chennai to Visit


Chennai is one of the metropolitan city is situated on the eastern costal region of india and neighboring the sea, Bay of Bengal.

chennai city features a number of popular beach like Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach and Covelong. The city sited on the coastal region includes the dazzling natural beauty of beaches. They are the best place to relax, away from hot and humid climate and are the most famous all over the country, famous for their loveliness and liveliness. People from all over the world come here to spend their holidays, enjoy the natural magnificence and to bring together memorable movements. Most beaches in Chennai offer many adventurous things to do as well as to monitor. Some of the beaches have the facilities for spoil water sports while others include attractions like monument, fort, temple, church, etc in the neighborhood. Whenever you plan to visit Chennai, don’t miss to visit such beautiful and wonderful beaches.

covelong Beach places to visit in chennaiCovelong Beach
Covelong Beach is located in between the city of Chennai and the Mahabalipuram. The beach is typically well-known for its peaceful beauty and beach activates and clear water. Covelong differs from the other beaches in that they are not overcrowded and most of the enjoyment is derived from the smooth and peaceful environment. People who want a little bit privacy, thrill and loneliness this beach are suitable place to spend their vecations. The beach surrounding area is quite productive for meditation, basking in the sun, Swimming, dip and a dive and wind surfing. There are other attractions of the olden period like fort which was built by Saadat Ali, church and a mosque.

Marina Beach places to visit in chennaiMarina Beach

Marina beach is a beautiful laid out beach that lies along the eastern coasts of Tamil Nadu. Besides this, it is the largest beach in Asia and also the second largest beach in the world, which stretches to a length of 12 km. It provides the visitors with the most charming view of the scenic beauty, Kids making sand castles opportunities for swimming, horse rides,wind surfing, playing beach volley ball ,fishing, splendid view of the sunset and more. To add to all this, there are various memorials and parks , Aquarium and Ice House also lie in the locality of Marina.

Elliot's Beach places to visit in chennaiElliot’s Beach

Elliot’s beach is located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu near Besant Nagar. This beach is also prominent as the night beach as it is the most favored destination for the youths to gather and enjoy in the evening. The beach is lined with food stalls and small shops that gratify to the tourist. Besides the golden sands, serene atmosphere and the chill of the water, Elliot’s Beach also features some popular holy place. The Velankani Church and the Ashtalakshmi Temple positioned on the beach to welcome people of all faiths. Visiting this beach gives you massive pleasure especially in the nights.