Famous Gardens and Parks in Chennai

Semmozhi Poonga

Chennai is one of the metropolitan city is situated on the eastern costal region of india and neighboring the sea, Bay of Bengal. It is city that supports all type of development, both modern technology and the traditional arts and crafts. The city of Chennai has a large percent of its area under green cover.

Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden in Chennai set up by the horticulture department of the Government of Tamil Nadu. The garden was opened on 24 November 2010 and is the first botanical garden in the city.

Natesan Park

The famous Natesan Park is located at T. Nagar, in the city of Chennai. The park covers an area of 4 acres and was opened to the public on 13 September 1950 by Minister of Agriculture, A. B. Shetty. Natesan Park is essentially a botanical park and features a number of tree families. The place is full up with trees and plants including Aralias , Acalypha , Bougainvillea ,Crotons, Ceesil Peniea, Pulcharima, Mahogany, Neem and Gulmohur. Lining up the sidewalks and illuminated by the garden lights, the trees make up the enduring residents of the park. The fountain in the park further beautifies the picturesque view as offered by the park. The tennis court at the park is maintained and run by the Corporation of Chennai itself.

Sivan Park

Sivan Park is a small beautiful park located towards the west of the Chennai city. The park is offer with green lawns and good-looking trees  include Petophorum, Rain Tree, Gulmohur, the cover of which makes the place real cool and refreshing. The park provided with footpath and a play area for children. The park is known for the headstone model that has been built on its lands. The park features also include small nursery schools that put up for sale various ornamental plants and pot flowers. The main attraction of the park is the 15 feet bronze of Lord Siva in a meditate posture .The water flowing from the head of the statue and over to its body gives an surprising effect.

Nageswara Park

Nageswara Rao Park is the one of the few green places inChennai.It cover a 4-acre park located on Luz Corner in Mylapore, Chennai,india. Its flower garden is well maintained in all season. A park popular with local residents for morning and evening walks. There is also a special children’s play area which is extremely well maintained.The park is also featured by a huge number of beautiful plants. The park is well maintained and has a lot clean benches to its glory. There are lots of garden lights and fountains fitted which adds to the extra charm of the park. Nageswara Park acts as a ideal location for a lot of movies.