Grace And Peace of Chennai City

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Chennai is often called the cultural capital of India for its traditions and long heritage. More than any other city in India, it is a true reflection of this country’s diversity. It is city that supports all type of development, both modern technology and the traditional arts and crafts. The city located on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are a lot of things to do in Chennai so you would not fell bored for a minute. Let us learn about the different locations that you can travel to while visiting this city.

Freemason’s Hall
Freemason’s Hall stands as a graceful architectural monument in the Egmore region of Chennai. Freemasons Hall, was constructed in 1923 to aid the military troops of the foreign power. The structure has been given a symmetrical shape and composes of four circular chambers. It was constructed as per the climatic conditions of the region. It is well ventilated to receive fresh air and light. The interiors are beautifully adorned with motifs, Italian tiles and marbles. There is also a dining hall on the first floor which is move toward by a winding staircase. This staircase is made up of Sholingar stones, with wrought iron and grill. The capacity of this dining hall allows maximum accommodation of about 150 people. The building has a lot of Masonic emblems on the walls as decoration. Freemasons Hall can be easily accessed from any part of the city of Chennai. The Hall was one among the prime attractions of Chennai.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is located in the district Kanchipuram. It is about 85 kilometres from the chennai. The Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary constituted a small lake inhabits thousands of resident and migratory birds. The sanctuary is spread well over 30 hectares of land. The region is marked by thorn forests and the adjoining open fields. Besides the lake there are some 60 small pools and ponds dug in the territory that get filled with the rainwater during monsoons. The sanctuary features thousands of birds, some of them are Large Egret, Night Herons, Pintails, Sandpiper, Cormorants, Darter. The migratory birds include Snake Bird Sri Lanka, Glossy Ibis Sri Lanka, Open-billed Stork Bangladesh ,Grey Heron Bangladesh, Grey Pelican Australia, Teals Canada, Spot Bill Duck Canada ,Painted Stork Siberia, Spoonbill Burma. The best time to visit is between November and March. During this period the birds are busy taking care of their nests.

Pancha Mandapams
The Pancha Mandapams are memorials are situated at Guindy in Chennai. The memorials are quite idiosyncratic in appearance.The memorials are dedicated to five great freedom fighters of the nation. The personalities include Mahatma Gandhi – father of the nation, C. Rajagopalachari – first Governer General of India, Bhakavatsalam – former Chief Minister ,Kamaraj – former Chief Minister, and the martyrs of the freedom struggle. The Gandhi memorial has been formed in the form of a typical gopuram temple style. The pink color of Gopalchari’s memorial makes it stand out from the rest. Then there is Kamaraj memorial which is provided with a revolving wheel at the top. In between these memorials are those of martyrs and Bhaktavatsalam.