Havildar Elumalai M-Salute & Respect


Havildar Elumalai M :- He was among The Nine Indian Army Men Who Sacrificed Their Lives Along With Lance Naik Hanamanthappa
Havildar Elumalai M was a Non-Commissioned-Officer. He joined his unit in Oct 1996 and became an inseparable part of the battalion. He always displayed a high degree of courage and had conducted several successful small team operations against terrorists in both Jammu & Kashmir and North East during his nine years of field service.
Owing to his ability to motivate his juniors and lead them from the front the NCO was selected to be part of Sonam Post which required men with nerves of steel and a high level of physical fitness. He had passed his promotion tests and was slated in line to become a JCO shortly.
Salute & Respect !!