Tamil Nationalists Dhilip Mahendran Reveals About Why Burned Out Our Indian Flag


  Indian national flag and lit .. Why?

Mahendran lifes, If you share you are a Tamilan Or else come to road to have strike

Speaking on the first anniversary of Indian independence, Nehru any nation in the world, inspired by the repression and suggested that the Indian Army who stood there. Nehru was the Prime Minister as well as the dismantling of linguistic states, the native land of the Tamil nation to manilattan neighbors opposed to the killing of Tamils, given the land as a gift. And lit it.

Despite the fact that India is a federation of northern India because Indians speak Hindi  in some states. Lit against the injustice.

Indians protested against the killing of Tamils ​​. And so i had lit it.

India in 1974, his exploits over the opposition of the Tamil ethnic group belonging to the Sinhalese, Tamils ​​given to innocent and unarmed. Actively burnt.

Leader Prabhakaran said peace talks in 1987 and then hit in the head to kill him, the Indian prime minister said. Action lit for the wretched.

India said that in 1972, without having the hunger strike of 12 days from the execution of the peace oppantattaiya ponane lifes you die. Flag and lit it.

Starting from 1987 to 1990 in the name of Peace 5000, killing 20,000 Tamils ​​of Tamil women had sexual vallunarvu Indian Army. For that burned.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by criminals in spite of the fact that innocent Tamils ​​lit marukkappatukirate Justice, imprisoning date.

Kotuncitravataikkal special camp in 1991 in the name of putting relations Eelam flag kindled against the Indian.

Action on the search operation by security forces in 1992, Veerappan vaccatti justice for women in more than 50 to date, the Court did not gave karpalippukkullana the flag kindled the anger.

From 2006 to 2009 gave the weapons to kill Eelam flag burnt Indian atcippitattai counter.

Indian flag on his boat light the fish and fishermen of Tamil and Sinhala katarppatai kollamattumalla the indirect support of the Indians, burning pitikkacenra wrong.

Chemical bombs banned by the world to the Sri Lankan Tamils ​​who killed the burnt Indian kotiyaitan.

Starting 19 ikiyarkal ilapporai muttukumar niruttaccolli intarkale lives. Ikaiyinai see an Indian on the idea that thinking inattamilarkal kindled.

India, Sri Lanka won the World Cup in the bat pantattat knew the message by Tamil fishermen entered Indian territory Sinhala katarppatai four guys pottate cut to pieces in the sea. Then no one would cut yaruta poratavillaiye Indians. Then we fought tamilarkaltane. Atukkakatan burnt.

It only ..?

Respect for the state of Karnataka in the Cauvery water taraccolli India has condemned it to court. Atukkakatan burnt.

MUMMY heard right for us in the dam. Availability date ..? To say nothing of the Kerala pecamattirkal verdict tramples underfoot tukkippottu. But I am not aware of that flag burning. Tecapparra this ..?

Scold me, guys who can oppose the registration. Methane, niyutrino poratukirarkale against the people of Tamil Nadu. But the poratiyirukkirirkala enraikkak ..? Tell us touches the conscience. I struggled.

Cuttukonrarkale 20 Tamils ​​in Andhra Pradesh. Poratiyatunta that you? I struggled. I am of conscience. But you ..?

While I agree with the death penalty, but the only question before killing me?

I fought for the Tamil struggle and imprisonment that was fixed in my mind. Burned the flag and say it was all right.

In all these years, how many Tamils ​​sentenced vankikkotukka poratukiravarkale me .. .. poratiyirukkirirkal’s struggles? Just ponkuvatalla against erittavan patriotic flag. Induced it to protest the Indian politicians. Cetta who are going to be what I will fight against the. You ..?

I am ready to go to jail for fighting for lube hang ..?