Aim until you reach your goal… Auto driver, Be proud ex cop drives auto


Aim until you reach ur goal… Auto drivers, be proud ex cop drives auto

S.Sekar  was a Ex-sub inspector at Chindhadhripet Police station. He typically symbolizes a perfect policeman with a broad rough moustache and a rusky voice.

He used to talk about his story of why he switched to driving a auto after retirement of being a policeofficer….. People who rides in his auto will see a friendly character only after having a talk with him… he represents a typical police officer with a terrifying moustache and a husky voice and within a second he transforms to a very  friendly person… if ur lucky have a auto ride with a police officer..

Mr. Sekar worked with the team dealing with the ‘psycho’ murder case he stayed awake late at night with special police team and he has taken efforts to catch autorickshaw driver and through him the other offenders. It was sad to know that they committed the murders to purchase ganja and the gang had murdered many of the beggars and homeless people across the city.

He says that he dint take up a new profession… 4 years back he adorned his PROUD KHAKHI uniform as a police officer of TamilNadu.. he stills adorn the khakhi uniform in a different form as a auto driver… he started his career as auto rider at the age of 24… his aim is to be a successful police officer but due to some problem in the recruitment and  selection process he was unable to be… At last he became police officer at the year of 1984 still that he drove auto in the same khakhi uniform…

Four decades later he retired and he was at home… a police officer cannot be at home idle so he thought of taking up his old profession..

During his service, he saved money to buy an auto in his daughter’s name and employed someone to drive it. One day his driver took leave and he decided to drive autorickshaw and earned 1000rs per day as per meter norms.

Sekhar gives a valuable message saying “Driver can earn 1000 per day if he works 12 hours per day. He bought another autorickshaw in his name and took an oath that he will drive as per meter norms. He completed schooling and joined Sathya Studios. His friend taught him to ride autorickshaw. He used to earn 100rs per day after fuel cost he gets a profit of Rs.25 and he says that it is sufficient for him.. even after servicing as a police officer he doesn’t fail to renew his license.

His routine is to start early and he begins his work by dropping his granddaughter to mrng and pickup every ride and reach home at 9pm with a 1000rs earning excluding fuel cost.