kapaleeswarar temple kumbabishekam on 3rd April 2016

kapaleeswarar temple kumbabishekam 2016

kapaleeswarar temple kumbabishekam 2016

Anyone is conscious that the kumbabishekam of sri kapali temple, mylapore is taking place on 3rd april. Now homams and rituals are happening through the day at sri kapali temple in mylapore as a lead as much as the grand kumbabishekam. A large quantity of clergymen are here to conduct the rituals required for this occasion, they taking turns at the spiritual duty.

All this is taking place inside the north yard of the temple, that’s now bounded from all sides for the purpose.

In the meantime, infrastructure in being set up all around the vimanas and gopurams of the temple to offer get right of entry to to the monks to perform the rituals on sunday morning.