Madras Masala-Vol.1 Beach Stories

Madras Masala-Vol.1 Beach Stories

Let’s take a sneak peek at our beach business magnets

It’s always nostalgic to visit beach and it’s a bliss, makes us feel light-hearted. It’s not just the beach we are talking about it’s an emotion and how could the thoughts of many people under love, friendship, fights, lust, lifestyle, business, all converges at the same lane. Let me take you to the few types of characters who we always bump into whenever we visit the beach.

Madras Masala-Vol.1 Beach Stories

To start-up with we always encounter this person regardless of whatever we are doing, they peep in between and say “Anna sundal?” Mostly these are the little guys in half trousers who might be in their middle school or even less. Yeah! Let me call them as “The Sundal Guys”. They are really sweet regardless we buy or not.

Then comes the oracles, who have such a great spiritual attire. You can see them with a huge bindi on their forehead, which is so predominant and clad with a saree with a weaved bag in left which has always been accompanied by a wand designed almost 3/4th feet in length with metal embedded strips and metal head. Who go by the script “yemma josiyam paaren… un mogathuku nalla varama iruku”. Now you might have a figure who am I talking about, they are the “Palmist Akkas”. They possess great marketing skills, I just love the way the convince people to listen to their words.

Food joints are always the hot spots at the beach but there are plenty of them along with plenty of chairs to occupy. Name it you have it. Right from ice creams to fried rice. Awesome rates with good quality food. Ice Cream guys mostly stand on or shore near to the service road. They cost extra Rs.5 as tax, I don’t really know what tax it comes under.

There are these bajji and poori wallas, whom we can find them in groups or even individual seller can be spotted. The bajji wallas have their territory marked with red cloth of around 1 feet high tied around four corners. No one comes inside that red cloth except the staff. Exactly, trespassing will not be served bajji with a little cup of homemade sauce. The rates are even RS.30 per plate, which could be a single variety of bajji or even mixed. About the taste, they are really tasty, hot and spicy. Experts prefer to squeeze how much ever oil could be filtered out is better for the health and this has to be done by the customers. Beach Bajji Management (BBM) is not responsible if you get cholesterol.

This is just the business category of the characters we encounter in the beach. General category will be peeked soon.