How to Reuse the Reverse Osmosis RO waste water

How to Reuse the Reverse Osmosis RO waste water

Many of us use RO water purifiers at our home to purify the drinking water, but do we know that around 75% of the water fed into RO water purifier is wasted, only 25% is extracted as drinking water. For 1 liter safe filtered drinking water in the RO tank, 3 liters goes rejected.

How to Reuse the Reverse Osmosis RO waste waterThis causes a tremendous Overhead on the Water Supply as well as Sewage Treatment system of Apartment Complexes. Here is very simple solution for it, use it for toilet flushing, washing clothes, kitchen utensils cleaning, floor moping, car washing, kitchen garden etc.

Some people may say it is waste water how can we use it for anything. Answer to that question is, Do we use purified water for anything else other than drinking? We don’t, right? We use untreated water directly for all other activities (other than drinking) and that water contains everything for which you are concerned while using RO waste water. So implement this idea at your home, apartment and save water, save money

  • Gokul

    This water will have high lead content, not advisable for washing utensils or cloths since indirectly you will be consuming in. Can be used for toilet flush or car wash.