Doctors Few Clicks Away- seeDoc App

Doctors few clicks away- seeDoc

Doctors few clicks away- seeDoc App – Doctor Consult

This is a highly desired app which connects the user and high notched reputed Doctors with just an app in your mobile. Technology has changed a lot, whether it’s ordering food or paying bills you could do it within your hands with an app and now one could actually consult a doctor in this app and get the answer within 48 hours at free of cost. Any patient could have a direct video conference with the doctor which is a paid service. This app is available in both Play Store and in AppStore.

SeeDoc was officially launched on 8th march, in an event held in Delhi. It is co-founded by Jaideep Singh and Vivek Bansal. This app has been downloaded 300,000 times even in its beta version both in Play Store and AppStore. About the interface, a very minimal simple interface where one could either choose to ask a free question of having a video call with the doctor.

Doctors few clicks away- seeDoc

The user is redirected to another page with a range of symptoms like Fever, Digestion, Skin, Weight, Sexual, Pain, and Hair and so on. After the symptoms are selected, seeDoc assigns a doctor based on the user’s symptoms and field of problems. The doctor would offer a consultation to the user at the end. Video consultation is a paid service which costs Rs.400 each. They claim that they have around 500 video consultations per day.

In this app, one could even ask a free question as mentioned earlier provided they have filled their personal detail properly which helps the doctor to offer a solution to the patients in a much flawless way. The questionnaire asks for your brief medical history i.e., Name, gender, birth date, weight, waist, height, daily activity level, family medical history, vaccinations, allergies, lifestyle and lab reports if any


SeeDDoctors few clicks away- seeDococ has a team of doctors who are a specialised in key areas like General Medicine, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, and other key areas. And this app also has a tool like Diabetes probability detector.

Visiting the doctor is always advisable for some symptoms as they would have the equipment to perform a check-up.

Prithiv Kumar