Stay healthy and Stay fit this Summer

Stay healthy and Stay fit this Summer

Tips to have a healthy and refreshing summer

Summers had never been a nice to us unless we start taking care of ourselves by following a diet which could make us enjoy this beautiful weather. Most of us feel hard to even survive in this heat, which is beyond normal and this time, it is hot as ever been in 10 decades. Now, we are put in a helpless corner where we have no other go other than to take care of our health and maintain it without getting dehydrated. Here are the few tips to help you to have a healthy summer.

–    Stay cool and hydrated. 2 to 4 cups of water which is around 16-32 ounces and if you are going out for activities and exercise it’s advisable to have even more. Always carry water along with you because one could feel dehydrated anywhere regardless of place and time. It’s always better to carry one which could come handy.

–    Protect yourself from overexposure. While enjoying the outdoors it’s better wearing a hat and using sunscreens without excessive chemicals. I would suggest carrying Aloe Vera gel for overexposure. This works great.

–    Keep up your exercise program or start one. To keep one’s heart strong and healthy, aerobatic activities are important. This could be done in your health clubs or even take some time to go outdoors refreshing activities such as hiking, swimming, cycling or any sports. This could help you to keep your body and mind aligned.

–    Enjoy summer fruits and vegetables. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits are the best which could be consumed that could be kept in cooling and light as in juice or even as salads. These could nourish your body for this summer time activities. There are a number of complements fruits and vegetables which doesn’t even require cooking. Fish and poultry can also be eaten.

–    Take some Summer time. Summer time could be with your family, kids or even your friends whoever share the enjoyment of outdoors. Plan a fun trip with them which could be hiking in wild, camping or few days at some resorts. This adds so much value to one’s lives and the way one look at summer.

–    Take a break and relax. You have been working so hard so this is the season to slow down the pace a bit and stimulate the hormonal message centre by absorbing the light. Leave your phone at a place and take a week off from social media, TV, etc. This could really be refreshing physically and mentally.

–    Instead of sweet tea drink green tea. Green tea contains the natural components that could help speed up your metabolism. Try skipping the box tea and opt for a tea bag tea.

–    Summer clean your house. A healthy way of living must be reflected in one’s environment they live in. You could start with removing unhealthy food from your house and filling their place with nuts, fruits and other healthy snacks.

–    Never skip breakfast. Your body is out of fumes when you wake up in the morning. Eating a proper breakfast would result in a good metabolism rate and provides energy for the day. Skipping the breakfast in a long time run might result in obesity.

–    Experience Nature. Giving time for yourself to experience the nature is one bliss. Take a timeout, check out the surrounding and make time with your family, friends to relax.


Enjoy this summer to your fullest.