Think twice before you choose an Engineering College to study

Think twice before you choose an Engineering College to study

Think twice before you choose an Engineering College to study

This is not the 1st time we hear “Suicide in a hostel”.

Parents are pretty sure that their children should get into a good college and placed in a good company. That’s a thought every parent should have and will have. But, is that a person really needs in a college life? An institution just offering the best in town with just placements and denying students the basic intellect & empathy?

Suggestions and statements may say it is not that bad to get penalized for just 4 years to have a great 40 years ahead. And we believe that it’s just 4 years that the students are going to be in a shell and they are going to be the same old person they use to be. The place which is supposed to make them think out of the box instead put them inside a box or rather a nutshell.

Students must study in a good institution but it doesn’t mean they have to live without their self-respect and dignity. Threatened to study or abused, beaten hard in the name of enforcing discipline. That is not the price which should be paid. Things the parents and students should do before getting into the colleges is to research about the college and know the real status of it. Because it is not just some 4 years, but this is going to be a great life changing 4 years in a student’s life.

This article is not about every top notch engineering college in Chennai but it is about the few colleges which have brutal rules enforced to bring out the best result which could be termed as an atrocity to its extent. Rules includes

  • In the name of counselling students are called to the dark room and abused, beaten even in front of their parents. (This is what makes the students attempt suicide, happens when they have been humiliated).
  • More than 3 arrears are made to be semester carried. (This is utter nonsense)
  • Boys and girls have a separate bus and even staircase.
  • Boys and girls shouldn’t talk to each other (Then how in the world will they work in a corporate culture or even in an industry where one has to talk with opposite genders?)
  • This is the so-called special instructions given to Girls in this college.

Think twice before you choose an Engineering College to studyThis is not the 1st time we hear about student’s suicide in a hostel but in this particular college. Rumours say that some institutions run the management not based on a hierarchy of educated staff but based on 3rd-grade goons. Too much of human rights violation happens in educational institutions especially in some engineering colleges, and they are just unnoticed and no actions have been made. Students are threatened, beaten, harassed and insulted are not the ways to make any student study, follow the discipline. As far as the news we get from the alumni and even the students studying in college now, the prison would be a much better place to study.

Dear parents and students, research about the college and codes made in that college. Please do not choose a college just because it stands in the top 10 colleges list. It is not just the placements or corporate jobs which makes the college the best, it is the overall experience a human goes through in his/her prime time of education. One must have good memories at the end of the college life and not scars. Think again and choose wisely.