All you want to know about IPhone SE

All you want to know about IPhone SE

What’s new about this iPhone SE?

The whole tech world is in an urge to know what new things this iPhone SE is going to bring. Rumors say SE stand for Special Edition and even about the spec, its going to be in a size of iPhone 5S with the features of iPhone 6s except for the 3D Touch display along with the hardware and software which come with the compatibility for the features such as Live Photos, much more features which came along with IO9 last year.

Well, coming to the display part as I have already mentioned that iPhone SE is going to be in the size of iPhone 5S which is 4 inch. But the best part of this release which is planned on March 21st is that Apple has planned to reveal the 9.7 inch iPad Pro model and new Apple Watch along with new accessories (Yeah! Its going to be freaking expensive).

As we could see that already iPhone 5S has dropped down in price drastically at a margin of Rs. 20,000 for the 16GB variant, after this event on March 21st it is believed that there will be more drop in the price which is also for the models iPhone 6 and 6S. We have to note that Apple has already discontinued iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c, in last month. Before it being discontinued, the iPhone 4s was priced at Rs. 12,000.

The price of the iPhone SE will be around Rs. 30,000 (Approx.) as per the source. But this rate is comparatively less to iPhone 6 and 6s which is good news for users.

About the design of iPhone SE, like I mentioned above this model will resemble iPhone 6s in the look which includes the power button located on the right side. Whereas the spec in detail, this model will be powered by A9 SoC and M9 coprocessor. As for connectivity features, the iPhone SE will support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and VoLTE along with the NFC chip to facilitate support for the Apple Pay which is a mobile payment system from Apple. Colour of iPhone SE is expected to be just like iPhone 6s which are Rose Gold and even the Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

All you want to know about IPhone SE


This image shows the size variant in iPhones. From the left iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s (iPhone SE size).



By Prithiv Kumar