In chennai, examination stress claims 2 victims – teen girl and her mom

In chennai, examination stress claims 2 victims - teen girl and her mom

There’s gloom in chennai’s virugambakkam neighbourhood. A 15-yr-old lady, disappointed after her father allegedly scolded her for skipping tuition classes, hanged herself on wednesday. Her mother, seeing her child’s body, killed herself too
15-year-old Rajeshwari become taking her board assessments. The police have registered a case of suspicious dying.
A neighbor, salman harid, said, “parents have chided her for not going for tuition, that she’s no longer studying well. She was under stress.”

The private school the young girl studied at refused to speak, saying it was a family issue that triggered the tragedy.
In 2014, india witnessed 2403 examination-associated suicides. Maharashtra crowned with 359 suicides. Tamil nadu got here 2d with 247 cases

Experts say students under immense pressure from mother and father to attain very excessive marks. Schools too had been accused of placing pressure to get pinnacle ranks. Inside the system, children’s interests and talent becomes a casualty.

Dr Mohan Raj, Director and Consultant Psychiatrist, Tharu Clinic, says “See what’s your child is good at and encourage your child to go for it. Second thing is accept your children the way they are, unconditional acceptance rather than saying we’ll accept you only if they are academically successful.”

While activists are demanding a thorough overhaul of the grading and ranking systems, Tamil Nadu, experts say has managed to bring down exam-related suicides drastically from 420 in 2004 to 247 in 2014.

Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Consultant Psychiatrist and a Consultant with the World Health Organisation’s Suicide Prevention Programme, says, “We made the government introduce the supplementary examination and this ensured those who fail or scored low marks wouldn’t have to waste a year. It changed the way people looked at failure or low marks”.