chennai meteorological department warned Tamil Nadu People

chennai meteorological department warned Tamil Nadu People

The chennai meteorological department has warned that for the following 2 days, the northern districts of tamil nadu can have a extra excessive summer season with temperature going up through four degrees greater than usual and 2 degrees greater than usual within the southern districts

The director of Chennai meteorological Department mr. Balachandran defined that because of the prevailing dry land-air with low humidity blowing throughout from the west, the next 2 days may be hotter than standard – through three to 4 stages extra than common in chennai and other northern districts of tamil nadu. Similarly, the temperature may be higher with the aid of 1 to 2 ranges within the southern districts of tamil nadu.

Hot air will blow in a few regions in northern tamil nadu and puducherry. The possibilities of a few respite from this scorching heat depend on the direction of the wind.

As for the prospects of rain, some mountainous regions such as Ooty and Coonoor may have some rain. There is no prospects of rain in other areas.

Intensity of the heat will come down in Chennai

For the last four days, there was severe heat wave in Tamil Nadu. That heat wave impact was felt in the nights also.

As far as Chennai is concerned, there was severe heat wave in the afternoon. In the evening Chennaites flooded to Marina beach and cooled them.

For the last few days, there was heat wave in Andhra Pradesh. Many people died because of this. At this juncture, when the Meteorological Department was asked that how the heat in Chennai will be, an official said, In Tamil Nadu, there is breeze with humidity from east and south east regions. This breeze will be there for two more days. Because of this, the intensity of the heat will come down. The temperature in Chennai for the next two days will be 96.8 degrees. There will be heat wave till today afternoon in the interior Northern districts. In the next 48 hours , there will be strong breezes than usual. The velocity of wind will be 45 kmph. Hence fishermen are requested not to venture in to sea.