india will have extreme water shortage in 2050 : Warning from US Scientists


Seventy one percentage of the water content inside the global is made from seas and oceans across the globe.

The balance 29 percent is in the form of drinking water below ground level and in the form of ice rocks & pieces.

With the climate changes experienced over the last few decades, these ice part have started melting, which results in the rise in ocean levels.

In this scenario, scientists from Massachusetts Technology Company undertook a research on the water problems to be faced by the planet earth in the future.

The scientists envisioned that there might be the extreme water scarcity within the year 2050 in the most important landmass within the global, asia. Especially, huge countries like china & india will be afflicted by severest water scarcity.

The reason for this attributed partially to the socio-economi changes skilled within the present period. Pollution of air by using smoke and gases is the main purpose for the climate changes.

Mr. Adam Scalcher, one of the members of the research team from Massachusetts Technology firm, decisively confirmed that the current economic and population growths are the two main reasons for the future severe water shortage.

It is estimated that around 100 Crore persons will be facing severe water shortage in Asia in another 35 years.