Madras Masala Vol: 2- Beach stories

Madras Masala Vol: 2- Beach stories


Want to kill your time in a best way? Then walk with me on our Chennai beaches let me introduce you to a few interesting personas. You get to watch your characters for your new story. The ones who make us look again, the ones at whom we can laugh, think and let go.

The “Couples”, well they the prominent category in this list as these are the ones that always come in our heads when we think about the beach. Watch your own love story here, they could be cute, disgusting, doubtful, intriguing etc. They are couples expressing love in some way or the other. The diversity of the term couple you got to experience it here, no restrictions on age, caste, religion and sometimes with their marital status too. Whatever you do stay at a distance and observe these personas going near them or disturbing might not end up pleasant.

The “Friend zoned guy” do you see this guy that came along with around 5 to 6 girls minimum? All he is trying to do since he came was to fit in at least one selfie which his girlfriends are bombing and his girl friends trying to make him out of focus. Finally if he could make his way then he can be hash tagged as the cool stud on social media.

The “Loners”, these people have different reasons for themselves. They can be broken or even want to have alone time to think. Many of these people love the beach as they think this is the place which makes them feel better, happier or even fulfilment. It can be anything but they really love being here. These aren’t the loners whom their partners didn’t turn in.

The “Olly Belly” these are the ones who reveal their six packs (medium and huge belly ) wearing their half trousers or boxers and swim in the near shore and show their sexy torso like Surya in Yezham ahrivu movie and HELL YEAH!! to their sexy walk back to the shore. And if you are lucky enough you could see Baywatch lifeguard lookalikes who shows off by walking deep into the beach and have a face expression as if they had walked on the surface of the moon.

The “Far sightseers” these are the ones who love to watch the beach from far and adore its beauty like they watch an astounding painting. It’s really is astounding paint of nature. These usually prefer to sit far away from the beach like in a coffee shop or somewhere so that they could just have a thought filled or blank over the beach.

The “Fitness Freaks” these are the people who make us feel really bad for not working out on our physique. Ones who run on the pavement, skate fast with their gears on, street workouts or even group of people learning things like martial arts, play sports like volleyball. These fitness freaks have their own reputation over the things they do as it is their regular routine of fitness.

The “Photo Freaks”, these people are spreading like a wildfire and that’s happening really fast. They come to the beach with just one thing in their head, likes and only likes. It can be in Facebook, Instagram or any social media to show that they had taken a picture in the beach as they check in instantly. These people really don’t care about the people around them, they will do anything to get a good click. Selfie freaks are included in this. If you’re a photo bomber these are your right targets.

The “Family walas”, these ones comes in a group and have a lot of fun. Comes to beach one a while to chill out with their people and bring great business to all the business magnets in the beach. This category might have all those categories explained above inbuilt.