Meteorological Centre warning: temperature may touch 125 Degrees Fahrenheit

Meteorological Centre warning: temperature may touch 125 Degrees Fahrenheit

This summer season has witnessed unprecedented scorching summer in many states of India including Andhra, Karnataka, and Telengana.

A doctor explained that the heat changes occurring in the Pacific Ocean, the phenomenon known as El Nino has led to climate changes all across the world.

This has led to the strange situation where places with regular heavy rainfall are experiencing drought conditions and heavy rains in desert areas.

Following the experience of countries like China and Japan, India has also experienced hotter weather due to climate changes.

So far, a maximum temperature of 111 Degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded in Tamil Nadu.

The Indian Meteorological Department has warned that certain regions at experience the unknown high temperature of the order of 125 Degrees Fahrenheit.

It is essential for the public to change their lifestyle as per the prevailing weather conditions.

The water content in the body dries off quite quickly during the summer.

This may lead to high incidence of ulcerous attack in the mouth and stomach apart from the irritation in passing urine.

The best cure for this is including fruits in our diet.Also, we have to increase our daily water intake by 2 litres more than usual during the summer.

Palm-water, tender coconut, sugarcane juice, can be added in the diet.

It is best to include fenugreek, small onions, and buttermilk in the lunch intake.

People will have to take more of fruits like watermelon, musk-melon. And bananas.

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