No cash deposits in ATMs after 8 PM :Central Government Order

No cash deposits in ATMs after 8 PM :Central Government Order

Following the frequent robbery of cash supposed to be deposited taken from the motors, the significant authorities has include the decision and to be able to save you this that no cash transactions must be taken after 8.00 pm.
Around rs.15000 crores of cash are replenished daily in the ATMs all over the country.Approximately 8000 vehicles from the various banks deliver this cash to the atms for replenishment

Other than the private agencies in this operation maintain round rs. 5000 crores in hard cashs to replenish the next morning. When these cars are on the street, frequent incidents have took place when criminals accost the vehicles and take the cash.
In order to prevent this, the central Home Ministry has devised certain measures. These will be effective from a short period. One of them is that no cash should be taken on vehicles and deposited in ATMs after 8.00 PM. In suburban areas, this order not to deposit money in ATM will be from 5.00 PM. In areas where Naxalite activities are strong, this will be effective from 3.00 PM.

Rifled security, gps and surveillance camerastshould be available in the vehicles for for proper protection. Extra than rs. 5 crore cannot be taken in a single ride.

The vehicle protection personnel will be absolutely alert all the time to ready to stand any risk.These measures could be effective in a quick length.