Toll rates to raised at 21 plazas throghout Tamil Nadu from today

Toll rates to raised at 21 plazas throghout Tamil Nadu from today

Toll charges in 21 plazas across the state on 9 national highways will be revised from friday.

The increase isn’t a lot this Year . For one-way it’s far most effective three percent on the maximum. The charges were rounded off. In maximum cases the charges stay the equal,” stated v. Chinna reddy, chief trendy manager (technical), national highways authority of india (nhai).

The NHAI, through concessionaires and by itself, manages a total of 43 plazas in the State covering 2,298.215 km of road length. In January, 2.37 crore vehicles crossed the plazas and the fee collected was Rs. 195.34 crore.

The charges for the annual revision are calculated on the premise of wholesale rate index (wpi). It’s far 40 precent of the increase or decreae in the wpi to which a mandatory three percent is added.

The cost of structures including bridges, culverts and drains are added to the fee

The charges for the remain plazas can be revised in september the use of a special calculation – the number of kilometres of the road mulitiplied by wholesale fee index.

The NHAI typically enhancements pick out roads and collects toll toward the fee of development and renovation. Currently, seven state highway roads were selected to be passed over to the authority for conversion into national highways.

Various organisations have been protesting the operation of toll plazas in the State. The government has also been objecting to the annual revision of rates.

The tamil nadu sand lorry owners association has written to the nation authorities asking it to take over toll series and decrease the charge.

Association president R. Munirathinam said heavy vehicle owners had to pay a hefty sum as fee, which led to an increase in transportation cost.
“we pay rs. 72000 for a round journey among bangalore and chennai for a three-axle car. The relevant government has decontrolled diesel expenses main to regular fluctuations. Now, this revision will no longer affect vehicle owners however may have an effect on heavy vehicles,” he stated