Trending Suicide – Is suicide even an option?

Suicide is even an option-Trending Suicide.

Is this a heights of frustration?

I would rather say it’s an absurdity to even imagine such a pathetic scenario. This is the kind of trend which is being set by the people nowadays, where they would record their own suicide and make the world watch it in cold blood. Its gives a feel that today’s generation doesn’t have the courage to face things. That’s way too coward to end up one’s life. This is my personal view over the suicide.

There had been pictures and videos circulating in WhatsApp about a girl named Farthima Navin and a guy named Aravind (Late).

As I don’t want to publish this video through this article, so I didn’t attach the link. By watching the video, we could see that the Aravind is confessing things. By the words said by the Aravind we could see that he had been threatened by the girl’s family and the girl’s fiancé. As he explains that he was in a relationship with this girl for about 9 months and just because he wasn’t rich she left him and got engaged. Aravind tried to explain about his relationship with the girl’s fiancé, he was humiliated and then beaten down later by the girl’s fiancé and his friends. They didn’t stop there, they made anonymous calls and messages saying that they would hurt Aravind’s family. This made Aravind restless and impatient at work which in turn made him so frustrated and depressed. Aravind then planned to tell the world about this as he shared the pictures of himself and Farthima Navin via WhatsApp and Facebook. He abused the girl and confessed that only Farthima Navin and Abu Salim (Girl’s father) are the only reason for his death as he explains in the video.

These are the information gathered only from the Facebook and the video which has been posted by Aravind before he decided to end his life. This was indeed a heartbreaking thing which this generation choose out of frustration. Is this kind of frustrations couldn’t be lent out? Can’t depressed people reach out for help? We even came across a lot of celebrity suicide lately, making our hearts feel heavy and scared.

Think before one could even think about such a filthy reason to suicide. Think about one’s parents. Think about the people who care for. Think about the ones who really love for what they are. Death is not a solution, it’s never was and never will be. Try talking to the ones who really cares. Take a therapy, this will help a ton. Just do things which make you happy. Please don’t end up like Aravind at any point of life regardless of whatever may be the situation, try to come over it. Every issue has a solution.

Suicide is not a solution.