Voters can vote without Voter ID on May 16

Voters can vote without Voter ID

The Election Commission has announced that the voters who do not possess a voter ID can also cast their votes by showing other Identity Proofs such as Driver’s Licence, etc.

In a press release regarding this, the documents like driver’s licence, PAN card, Pension certificate with photo, etc., can be shown by those without voter ID.

Similarly, 11 other proofs like identity Cards with photographs issued by the state and central government public sector units and Savings Bank and Post Office Savings accounts can be shown to cast votes.

  • Citizens Platform

    Thats a good news. Let me try to understand this option – Is this option only for those voters who have registered in the constituency; but haven’t received the voter id card yet.
    Or, applies to those also whose names arent there in the voters list, but still can vote in the constituency with a valid Id like Driving license with the address belonging to that constituency. Please clarify.