How will 100 free units benefit you

How will 100 free units benefit you

Among the key promises made during election campaign by Jayalalithaa was the provision of 100 units of power for all domestic consumers. The Chief Minister made it a reality right after assuming office. The State government may have to pay Rs 1,609 crore in addition towards subsidy to TANGEDCO.

This scheme will benefit over 78.55 lakh consumers by waiving of their electricity bill on the whole, and over 55.36 lakh consumers falling under the 200-units slab can save up to Rs 150 on their bi-monthly bill. There are about 49.66 lakh people who use units between 201 and 500 and 7.30 lakh using more than 500 units; this scheme will benefit them with Rs 200 and Rs 350 respectively.

For example, according to old tariff, if 201 units and more is used by a consumer, the billing would be Rs 433. However, as per the new tariff scheme, the consumer will have to pay only for 101 units and the bill amount would be Rs 233. Likewise, if the units consumed is 501, the price as per old tariff will be Rs 2,136.60, but this rate will now be slashed down to Rs 1786.60 towards 401 units.

Furthermore, 200 free units of electricity for handloom weavers and 750 free units for powerloom weavers were also signed upon assuming office.

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