In Chennai 22 Years Old Medical Student Dies After Hair Transplant Surgery

In Chennai 22 Years Old Medical Student Dies After Hair Transplant Surgery

22-year-old Santosh Kumar, a final year MBBS student at Madras Medical College, Chennai, decided to undergo a hair transplant surgery. But on May 17 he died as a result of the surgery conducted at Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The Times of India reports that the centre has been sealed and that the Tamil Nadu Medical Council president Dr K Senthil has told the daily that notices have been sent to both the doctors who performed this procedure. Dr Hariprasad Kasturi, an anaesthetist, and Dr A Vineeth Suryakumar, an MBBS who graduated from a college in China, conducted the procedure on Santosh. Dr Senthil has also stated that Dr Vineeth is not a surgeon and is not qualified to do the surgery and that Dr Kasturi was not present during the entire procedure as well.
When Santosh Kumar underwent the procedure, Dr Vineeth took more than six hours to do the hair transplant, adds the daily. After the procedure – which is conducted under local anaesthesia – Santosh complained of discomfort and Dr Kasturi reportedly took him to the private clinic where he worked to get him first aid.

But the young man’s condition started to worsen after he returned to his hometown of Arni. He had severe vomiting, fever and diarrhoea. He was then taken to Vellore and admitted to the Christian Medical College and was in the ICU. He suffered multi-organ failure and died subsequently. It is being reported that his death was triggered by allergy to anaesthesia which went undiagnosed.

The News Minute reports that the Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre only had a license for hair cutting and styling and not hair transplant. Santosh was born to Josebeen and Pandiaraj after 12 years of marriage. Santosh was reportedly not keen on the hair transplant surgery which costs about Rs 1,20,000 to Rs.1,50,000. Jayapraveen, Santosh’s friend, told the news site that when the centre offered him a 50% discount, he decided to go ahead.

Santosh’s parents were reportedly not interested in filing a police case after his death, but did so three days after he passed away when his friends convinced them to do so. The report adds that the parents approached the then Directorate of Medical Services on May 30 as well.

Video Source: NDTV