Blackberry is releasing World most secured phone-DTEK50

Blackberry is releasing World most secured phone-DTEK50

Blackberry is one of the most famous mobile technology company which signifies its high secure information transfer.

It was welcomed most in earlier days but it has overcome by the new technology android and apple

In order to overcome the failure blackberry PRIV had a link with android and introduced as blackberry DTEK50 which is the most secured phone in transferring information

Features of blackberry DTEK50 :

5.2 full HD
8megapixel front end camera and. 13 megapixels in rear end
64 bit quad core snapdragon 617 Ocracoke processor
16 GB internal memory
2610 mAh batter capacity

It cost 21000 in the value of Indian rupee,It is about to release in the market from august 8th

When it comes to security, BlackBerry is leading all other Android smartphones

Many popular smartphones put the user’s private information at risk of being hacked due to slow security updates. BlackBerry lives and breathes security and has taken extra steps to help protect you from malware and hacks.