Present situation of Swathi’s murder case:

Present situation of Swathi’s murder case:

Present situation of Swathi’s murder case:

What is the present situation of Swathi’s murder case?’- Kalaiarasan asked in Twitter. Here is the update information:

In Infosys techie Swathi’s murder case, Police again planned to take Ramkumar under their custody. “Police taking serious efforts to destroy the evidence”, said Ramkumar’s lawyer.

A month has passed in Infosys techie Swathi’s muder at Nungampakkam railway station. The suspect of this muder,Ramkumar from Tirunelveli was arrested  by Police. In this case,’ Does Ramkumar is the only culprit? Who is behind him? Why did Police refuse to  release the statement of Mohamed Bilal?’, questions raised by Ramkumar’s lawyers. The Police took Ramkumar under their custody for 3-days and they conducted identity parade. Now they are planning again to take him under their custody and they appeal in Egmore court. Ramkumar’s lawyers shouldn’t expect this.

Ramkumar was lodged in Puzhal prison. The injuries in his neck had healed and he can speak without any pain. “We requested to put him  in separate block but the Prison administration refused.

Two accused had been with him. Actually  they were not an accused, they are Police  pretending to be  accused. The Police took this step just to prevent others from meeting Ramkumar”, says lawyer Ramraj.

He added,”The police keenly watching the visitors of Ramkumar. Ramkumar got mental depression due to the Police. He was investigated for 3-days under their custody.

The Police take Ramkumar to Nungampakkam railway station to shoot a video but they can’t. So they again appeal in Egmore court to conduct an investigation. They planned to take a video ‘with the shirt the suspect wore on the day of her murder and the bag in which he carry the sickle’ to prove him as a murderer. They planned to remove all the footage records and replace it with a fresh video to prove Ramkumar is a suspect. They didn’t show this interest in other cases and in the name of reinvestigation they are trying to hide the real suspect. We plan to appeal in court to not to give permission to conduct an investigation”.

The police says,” we have collected the required information but the investigation doesn’t get over. So we need some more time and so we appeal in the court. We have enough information to prove Ramkumar is the suspect. It is a lie that Ramkumar was surrounded by Police in prison.”

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