Once said Swathi!! Swathi’s friend open talk..

Once said Swathi!! Swathi’s friend open talk..

Once said Swathi!! Swathi’s friend open talk..

No one would have forget the brutal murder of Swathi. I just missed those days we enjoyed the most with Swathi, says Swathi’s friend(with the condition of not revealing her name)

“As Swathi is in general shift, she has to board Chennai beach to Chengalpet train from Nungapakkam at 6.15am.I usually board the train in between, so she used to reserve a seat for me everyday. Even we used to have breakfast in train everyday. She is a very jolly kind of person and I have never seen her angry or mad at anyone, by saying this she poured out.

She consoled herself in few minutes and started again.

I was in a night shift when Swathi get murdered, so I was not in that train with Swathi. So Swathi went alone in a train.We had a big friends circle and we used to be very jovial with each other. Everyone in our group has a pet name, even Swathi has one and that is “Non Stop”.A reason behind the name “Non Stop” is if when she speaks she will never let anyone speak and will never stop too. She even deals a tough project casually. That’s the reason everyone likes her so much in the Office. No one can forget her. Even we both had silly fights which just longs for few minutes. She is a female with compassion and gratitude which she never hides from one.

Once Swathi said, she had been followed by a construction worker. But we never knew that he would kill her. There is nothing to replace Swathi in our life. Her thoughts and her actions will always be in our hearts.

Swathi is very good in giving surprise gifts and I have the gift she gave me recently. Whenever I see those gifts I can feel her presence. Our friends circle do regular parties. And now after Swathi is gone, we stopped doing parties. Whole of the office colleagues were shocked on hearing that Swathi is killed. Then Police had investigated office colleagues and  we gave every single information we knew and hope the information we gave helped to resolve the case. At the same time, we were broken on hearing rumours about Swathi. And now I am going to the office without Swathi who sat beside me in the train. I have decided to shift Chengalpet”, she said wiping.


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