I was stalked by someone…swathi’s last sms

I was stalked by someone...swathi's last sms

In Swathi’s last sms, she said to her friend that someone has been following her. The higher official said that they arrested Ramkumar by the information given by her friend.

The Police arrested Ramkumar (B.E graduate) from Sengottai for murdering a Software engineer S.Swathi from Choolaimedu in Nungampakkam railway station on June 24. In this case the Police were  in the confusion of how they both were get connected.

The higher official said that, “Swathi  was lived in west  Gangai Amman kovil street,Choolaimedu and she  worked in an IT company, Chengalpet. Swathi usually cross Choolaimedu highway and take Sowrastra Nagar 8th cross street to reach Nungapakkam railway station. Ram kumar who stayed in A.S masion saw her and fall for her. He used to watch her daily and started follow her.

Ram kumar went to temple to see Swathi as she used to go to Lord Vishnu temple. To know her working place Ram kumar stand back to her while taking ticket in Nungampakkam railway station. Swathi said to her friends that a black village boy was stalking at her. But they don’t take it as serious. Swathi also sent a text to her friend about the village boy Ramkumar.

Ramkumar followed her to the office and a month before the murder he stand very close behind her when she was taking ticket. As she become vexed due to his torture, she sent text to her friend about Ramkumar on May 10th. Her friend went to the railway station as per her request. Ramkumar stopped following her for some days since after he saw Swathi with her friend.

Swathi said these incidents to her parents and after that her father Santhana Gopala Krishnan take her to the railway station. But Ram kumar shouldn’t stop following her. When Ramkumar proposed to Swathi, she scolded and  insulted him for his looks in public and this made Ramkumar to kill Swathi”.

On the other side the Police also got the information that both Ramkumar and Swathi became facebook friends. The Police first investigated her friend Mohamed Bilal through the sms they sent. Mohamed Bilal gives some information and that supports Police to find the murderer Ramkumar. And they investigated two men from A.S mansion where Ram kumar stayed and they were taken as witness for this case in the Police side.

But advocates on Ram kumar side also collects information to break the Police statements. They stated that Gopal, security guard of A.S mansion can’t be able to hear clearly gave wrong statement to the Police and he escaped from the mansion after receiving his pay. The lady used to provide food to the guys stayed in A.S mansion stopped giving food to Ramkumar as he failed to give her money and she said that on the day of murder Ramkuamar  met one of his relative. The Police also investigated about his relative.


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