Swathi’s murder case: Ramkumar acknowledged his crime!!

Swathi’s murder case: Ramkumar acknowledged his crime!!

Swathi’s murder case: Ramkumar acknowledged his crime!!

Infosys techie Swathi from Choolaimedu was hacked to death in Nungampakkam railway station on June 24. In this case, the accused Ramkumar got arrested. He was taken under Police custody and conducted inquiry for 3 days.


The second day confession happened in Nungapakkam Police station yesterday. Swathi’s friend Mohamed bilal had been investigated and he is the main witness for this case.

Ramkumar spoke to his prosecutor yesterday. The higher official said:-

“Ramkumar accepted  his crime and it was confirmed during his first investigation in hospital. To obtain the detailed information, he was investigated again on yesterday.

He confessed the same information again and it has been clearly registered. Ramkumar said that he fell in love with Swathi and proposed to her. She rejected his proposal and scold him harshly. So he killed her.

We have enough evidence to prove Ramkumar is the suspect. The blood stained Ramkumar’s shirt is seized. The forensic report says that the blood shed in Ramkumar’s shirt matches with Swathi’s blood.

Swathi’s cellphone is seized from Ramkumar’s house and his fingerprint is recorded in the sickle which he used to kill Swathi. More a shop keeper, an eye witness for this case identified Ramkumar in prison.

Once in Choolaimedu Ramkumar had an argument with Swathi and her father directly invited him from Swathi’s cellphone and warned him.

Ramkumar confessed this in his statement and Swathi’s father identified him in prison. In CCTV, Ramkumar is figured and recorded in many locations.

The security guard  stayed with Ramkumar in mansion was considered as the main witness. The case is almost  in the end and in 15 days the crime sheet has been filed in the court”, the official said.

After confessions, today(friday) evening Ramkumar has been going to produce in court and again he will be confined to Puzhal prison.