Who is Tamizhachi behind Swathi murder? -Inside Story

Who is Tamizhachi behind Swathi murder? -Inside Story

Swathi’s brutal murder was implemented because of caste arrogance.

On the busy day of swathi’s murdered, the rumors spread by some hindu organization in media that swathi was murdered by a Islamic youngster Bilal isn’t a blurt out thing.

Anti muslim politics spread by bhramins like Y.G. Mahendiran who took importance on the rumor wasn’t happened normally. It was planned and implemented by the hindu organization.

Swathi’s mother is a step wife of Santhana Gopalakrishnan. Santhana Gopalakrishanan and his younger brother are not only the members of hindu organization but also a serious hindu followers.

Santhana Gopalakrishnan who knows that swathi is in love with the Islamic youngster Bilal and  tried to convert into muslim, was strictly told that  he cannot allow a Islamic person as a son-in-law into his orthodox bhramin family.

But swathi was very confident in marrying bilal and got register marriage without the knowledge of their parents.  Because of this reason swathi was forcibly called back from banglore to tamil nadu. Further santhana gopalakrishanan made serious planning with hindu organization for the brutal murder. They were very conscious in killing swathi rather than bilal.

Though she was not his own daughter, the plan made to kill her for disobeying him and settled her life in her own choice. In that plan they were intended to stimulate riots between hindus and muslim against the Indian sovereignty and intended to blame muslims as the reason for the riots. It is the intention of santhana gopalakrishnan’s hindu organization.

According to the rumors was spread as per plan that bilal was murdered swathi. On other hand they were in panic that if bilal was arrested, the matter that swathi married a Islamic person will be revealed. Ramkumar is a person who was arrested by the plan of some politians at that circumstance. When it was revealed that ramkumar was stabbed in throat was by the goons who came with the police, the investigation started to glitch.  The hindu organization send their advocates in hurry to make ramkumar release. But its all vain.  In this situation the police investigated ramkumar and refused to report in public that what he said. At present some important politician are in a compulsion that make sure that ramkumar is the criminal and to close the investigation to save some people from the hindu organization.

The name of the murderer of swathi is Muthukumar. Now he was under the safety of santhana gopalakrishanan’s younger brother. There are 4 persons who involved in swathi’s murder. They were under the safety of santhana gopalakrishnan and his brother. Few people from the hindu organization were supportive and complicity for their plan.

Who is Tamizhachi

All those things were wrong. If santhana gopalakrishanan and his brother files a complaint on me that, a person called thamizhachi who filed a false case on us with indecency, wrongly, of dignity, I am ready to submit all the certain proper documents in Indian courts through my lawyer. If santhana gopalakrishnan and his brother is ready for this?

Chennai: thamizhachi made it more spicy when she said that the true murderer of swathi is Muthukumar. She lives in a foreign country. She told about herself in her internet site. The information she said about herself is:

My name is Yuma. Who writes in the nickname of thamizhachi.

Native Pondicherry. Father was a former amry men in france. Eventhough we lived for a century in france my writing, my travel, my policy depends on tamil nadu. It was impacted by reading periars word. Though I run a import export company and a granite company I involved myself in writing field for my passion. Spreading periayars word and documenting it was continuing as my goal in internet. i am a secretary in UNION REGIONALE DES CIDEF, France and a creator of periyar awareness movement, these are the identity of my social contribution. Rest is up to the readers prediction.


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