Is Ramkumar died of electric wire?????

Is Ramkumar died of electric wire?????

Ramkumar who was caught in the case of swathi murder was prisoned in puzhal is found to dead at 18th of this month. He committed suicide by biting teh electric wire passing inside the block where he was put is the information for from.the securities of the prison. There are. Some suspect in the death of the ramkumar said by his family members.

After postmortem somehow we people was eager that will get cleared from the investigation but there are obstacles prevailing still.

Electric wire is embossed in the wall from this suspect arises that how he would have died by biting the wire.
There was a switch box near the place where he is dead. That is not that much easy to bite the wire which is already embossed in the wall. Suppose if he has done that he would have got shock and he would have thrown somewhere due to the radiation.

There’s was no scars in his body so we conclude that he would have not died due to the electric wire shock.
We will come to known there real reason of the death only after CBI investigation and the post mortem report.

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