last words of ramkumar can be cause for his death.

Chennai Speakers:last words of ramkumar can be cause for his death.

Ramkumar died in.puzhal prison on the last 2 days before. Last week a accuust has tried to speak with ramkumar and tat was the last speech of him and suspect arises where that can also be the reason behind his death.

Similar to case of swathi, ramkumar case also there are many suspect arises.  Photo has been released displaying the wire where ramkumar died due to biting  and there was no answer from.the police regarding this. Doubt arises how cum prison pic will be realized without the knowledge of the cops.

Ramkumar last speech to his friend in the jail was he says he don’t know how he caught in the case of swathi and he says he don’t know who is swathi. I need to go out of the jail and say the real cause and the jailor who passed by the side of the block saw this and he cautioned the other. people that nobody should speak with ramkumar. Inspite of that if speaks to home they will be punished severely. May be reason behind his death can be the words said by him that he is going to tell the truth to the real world.

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