Unleaked story of ramkumar death – Is Ramkumar prisoned there?????

Unleaked story of ramkumar death - is ramkumar prisoned there?????

In the murder case of swathi, ramkumar has been jailed in puzhal prison and his loneliness is the reason behind his suicide attempt is the new info spreading all around

Securities in the prison says that there were 6 jail rooms in the block where ramkumar is prisoned. There were 2 more prisoners accompanied by him and info released that he had few conversation with them

It was rule that ramkumar should not speak with any other people in the prison.

Last week someone tried to speak with him and it was noticed by the jailer and he was attacked badly.  People who met him personally came to know that he was totally fed up and jailer was already cautioned that he might commit suicide anytime since has already tried a lot

n the suicide of ramkumar there are many issues. Jail administration only should take account of ramkumar death

The block where ram Kumar jailed is meant only for hijiras but till date none of them were jailed he is ill treated by arresting home there

There are many cases where he prisoners committed suicide by hanging , hitting their head in the wall strongly but there is no possibility of commuting suicide with help of electric wire

Jailers also use the lathi to switch on and off the lights then how come ramkumar bite the wire there is a myth behind the story of ramkumar death

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