Breaking News – Cyclone Kyant forms

ChennaiSpeakers:Breaking News - Cyclone Kyant forms

Breaking News – Cyclone Kyant forms and its going to take a very very rare U turn from Burma towards South Andhra coast. Tamil Nadu is under no threat from this Cyclone as of Now.
Breaking News - Cyclone Kyant forms
Its still not clear whether it will reach Tamil Nadu coast after Diwali and will it give any rains to Chennai or Tamil Nadu . The models struggle to find the track for this Cyclone is epic. In my history of tracking models for past 10 years, i have not seen models struggle like this to find a correct track. The track was shown from a vide area Bangladesh to Tamil Nadu. So wait and watch for the next few days to see how this Cyclone Kyant moves. Kindly dont believe in any rumors.
Dont believe any Rumors
Breaking News - Cyclone Kyant forms
Dont believe in any rumors that Cyclone is coming to Chennai with 30 cm rainfall on October 28th. Its not true. Please see the photo of the track of models as of now.
Onset of Monsoon

Not sure whether this cyclone kyant will result in onset of monsoon but onset is sure to happen betweeen 30th October to 4th November 2016.
What happens to Diwali – Mostly rain free Diwali expected
Breaking News - Cyclone Kyant forms
This cyclone’s u-turn is not expected to ruin Diwali as it will be mostly clear in the day.
In a day or two we can get much clarity on the track.
Photos in order

Photo 1.Cyclone Kyant close to Burma
Photo 2. Cyclone Kyant Water Vapour
Photo 3.Track of Major Numerical Models atlast they come into conclusion of South and Central Andhra
Photo 4.Comparable systems shows none of the past cyclones reached Tamil Nadu from Burma in the past historical years.
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