Tamil Nadu WeatherMan Special Announcement

Chennai Speakers: Tamil Nadu WeatherMan Special Announcement

Tamil Nadu WeatherMan Special Announcement – Dry Air to enter Cyclone Kyant and it will start to weaken it today. Onset of monson likely on 30th October

Cyclone Kyant is a strong cyclone but shortly dry air will enter Cyclone core. We have seen Super Cyclones killed by Dry Air within hours. This Kyant is nothing before the Dry Air. The Cyclone will weaken into Deep Depression / Depression tomorrow.

Good News – Onset of Monsoon on month end and no cyclone threat to Tamil Nadu

As Kyant Weakens it will push the weak system as a low pressure or a trough of low to North TN coast. This will trigger the onset of our North East Monsoon over Tamil Nadu.

Rains may start on 29th Night and good rains is expected on 30th October on Chennai.

This is Neutral Enso / Weak Lanina year with negative IOD year – So expecting Cyclone after cyclone this NEM season. Where it goes defines the rainfall.

issued on 26.10.2016 @ 1.00 pm

Cortesy: Tamil Nadu Weatherman

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