Jallikattu : The Identity of Tamil Nadu

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Jallikattu:Jallikattu : The Identity of Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu popularly known as “Yeru Thazhuvudhal” or “Manju Virattu”.  It is the proud sign of Tamil culture since ages.  And it has been considered to be part of our culture, tradition and our self pride.  And what’s so special about this topic to discuss about for more than two years?  It is very appalling to share the truth that the existence of Tamilans are being attempted to abolish indirectly by social evils.  The so called” PETA”, who claim to own the sole responsibility of animal welfare commits the misdemeanour of abolishing Indian Bulls and breeds indirectly by banning Jalliattu.  Shocking isn’t it?

PETA calls themselves as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  They originate from Norfolk, Virginia.  They protest saying that animals are not to be harmed and we shouldn’t be benefitted by means of cattle such as leathers, meat, fur, skin, etc.  And here the question arises what made so concerning about Jallikattu, for them to ban it.

The facts behind this ban are literally disgusting!  Indian bulls are considered to be the best among other breeds.  They are stud and much demanded for servicing cows.  Stud bulls are mainly used for Jallikattu and mating purpose only. They are more fertile and grown for the purpose of mating and this traditional event.  Since, the maintenance and rearing becomes an obstacle for low earning farmer they decide to sell it for slaughter.  This has been taken as advantage by International Organisations and they slaughter the bulls without our knowledge in the name of protection. If the native breeds are abolished soon they will be extinct.  We had nearly 130 breeds of bulls which have now come down to 30 breeds.

One has to understand that bulls are reared and grown as one of the family member in Tamil Nadu.  They are considered as friends of farmers. If the Jallikattu event is blamed to hurt the animals, the traitors should definitely have a look on the event.  There is no evidence of torturing the animal in this event.  The name itself well describes “Yeru Thazhuvudhal” which means cuddling the bull and “Manju Virattu” means chasing the bull.


The event is celebrated during the time of Pongal in which all villagers will assemble at Vaadivaasal and wait for the courageous bulls and boys to play enjoyably.  When the bull enters the field the boys will chase it and grab the hump and continues to ride for some distance.  If he has done it successfully, he will be awarded with gifts of medals.  This is considered to be the measure of courage for men.  Here, we have to note that the animal is nowhere harmed or tortured.  It is tamed with utmost protection and love.

The protest which broke out since 16th January has become a major threat for masked politicians and betrayers of nation, the protest is still being continued as 3rd day without any back out.  And it is expected to be more prevailing event to be marked in history of India. It is mandatory to be cautious and protest against this PETA, to save our culture, Pride and our lovable Bulls.