Scuba Diving in Chennai

Chennai Speakers: Scuba Diving in Chennai

Scuba Diving in Chennai:

Are you a Scuba Diving lover?   Then this is right place to get to know about it.  Don’t be worried of unavailability of Diving centers in Chennai.  There are Scuba diving places in “Namma” Chennai (Yes!!!).

Scuba Diving – a most loved activity of fun loving people who will be allowed to dive deep sea with the help of artificial breathing apparatus.  They are provided with advantage of mobility and horizontal range far beyond the reach of umbilical hose attached to surface-supplied diving equipment.

Since, the divers are provided with breathing apparatus, it allows them to be independent and they need not worry of holding their breath under water for a long time.  Scuba diving may be done recreationally or professionally in a number of applications, including scientific, military and public safety roles, but most commercial diving uses surface-supplied diving equipment when this is practicable.

The permissions are there, but the setup will take some time. Pondicherry (4 hours from Chennai) has a lot of diving around there. Diving in Pondicherry is the place to be. Discover scuba diving experience is 6800 INR per person.

Visit the below website for more details on Scuba diving center:

Temple Adventures is a PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre. They are India’s first Dive Centre in the East Coast and based in beautiful Pondicherry, where they “Give time an underwater break”! ”

1 day or 2 half days, 1 Theory session, 1 Swimming Pool training session, 1 Open Ocean/Sea Dive. The student will experience the undersea world on scuba equipment, and dive to a depth of 12m! Dive into the Bay of Bengal and your Indian Seas! Find some spectacular fish and swaying plants. Explore beautiful corals and fantastic marine life. Get some underwater photos of yourself, your family, and your friend’s scuba diving with extra cost of just Rs.500. A certificate of recognition is issued following completion of the course. Minimum age requirement for Scuba Diving course is 10years.

Also find the Schedule of courses:

Day 1:  Training session in the tub, between 12PM 6PM

Day 2:  Ocean dive from 6.45AM – 12PM

They also offer discounts for eligible customers on booking for more than 5 persons with 10% flat discount rate.

Also there are many steps to be followed for booking the session.  Such as you have to make a 50% bank deposit, as they are always fully booked ahead of time. Booking is only confirmed upon receipt of deposit. Cards can be used at dive centre for balance payments.  Likewise, cancellation also has some rules like the amount paid will be refunded fully if it is notified 1month ahead and 50% of the amount is refunded if the notification is given 2 weeks ahead.  If they session within just two weeks then the amount paid becomes “Non-Refundable”.  Also there is option of altering the schedule if it is proposed within a week’s time from booking of session.

Hope the details provided are helpful. Go and dive deep sea with fluffy and beautiful fishes around and have a great diving experience at our own city J