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Chennai Speakers

Chennai speakers blows information in the air all round the places in chennai. Its speaks About hidden facts of various parts in  the city.It throws information on your hand classifying from celebrity Talk, spirituality, tummy-yummy, and film blow

All About Chennai

Chennai Areas

Specialty of chennai  gives  you an idea of famous and traditional dresses, restaurants , hidden facts about Chennai



Spirituality speaks about devotion.Dedication to god  Love of god gives you good fulfillment in life. It gives in you hand temple history, history of god.


Film Blows

Film Blows give you an idea of upcoming Movies . it is mainly focused for person who loves movies and knows as much about the movies you will have way to review the movie ratings and show times

Tummy Yummy

It catches peoples who love for food craze of food gives you idea of food restaurants tasty foods


Tea Kada Bench

Tea Kada Bench focuses a jovial way of interacting with friends with glass of tea in tea kadai. It pings about memes, vetti conversation about  sports ,tamil poets , gossips etc etc


Celebrity Talk

Craze towards Actor and Actress and Bigshots peoples who live in Chennai

Celebrity- Talk